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5 Tips for a Successful Swimming Pool Opening

Posted by Bill Burpeau on May 3, 2019 7:24:00 AM

dog-shaking-off-water-by-swimming-pool_weboptIt'll soon be time to open the pool and get the yard ready for the backyard barbecues.   Here are five tips to ensure a trouble-free swimming pool opening this summer:

  1. Clean the winter cover. Start by pumping the water off your cover with a small submersible pump and a garden hose. (Start this task a few days prior to removing the cover).  Next, net and scoop out any remaining debris that remains on the cover such as leaves, sticks, pine needles, etc.  Now add water under the cover to fill the pool to the proper level.  This step will make the process of removing the cover much easier.
  2. Remove and store your cover. It’s easiest to do this with an adult helper.  Each of you can grab a corner at the same end and slowly slide the cover off at about 5 feet at a time.  Set the cover on the deck.  Reach over and slide another 5 feet and repeat this until the cover is off.   Once your cover is off, rinse and dry it completely before storing it safely away.
  3. Start the filter system. Net and remove any heavy debris off the bottom of the pool.  Remove the winter plugs from the pool walls and skimmers.   Connect the necessary pipes and drain plugs to the pump and filter.  Now you can prime and start the pump.  
  4. Add pool chemicals. Once you have a steady flow of water into the pool, pour 2-3 gallons of liquid shock directly into the pool.  Wait 30 minutes and add 1 quart of liquid algaecide. Once the pool has run for 48 hours, you can now vacuum as needed.
  5. Connect hardware. Your last step is connecting hardware such as ladders, steps, hand-rails, and diving boards.   Once installation is completed, rinse off any remaining winter debris from entire pool deck with a garden hose.

If you have an excessive amount of debris, you may need to net again and re-shock the pool again, as well as backwash the filter a few times.

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