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Big Winners in Burlington: How They “Cracked the Vault”

Posted by Hanscom Federal Credit Union on Jun 17, 2015 12:27:32 PM

Crack_the_VaultOur new branch in Burlington, MA has been open just over a month now. We had a “Crack the Vault” contest to encourage folks to visit. There were many prizes, including two biggies: $2,000 for the grand prize, and an iPad for first prize. What a great way to celebrate the first Hanscom FCU iBranch!

Richard MacQuarrie of Woburn came in with a game piece he received in the mail. He admitted driving right by before realizing where we are located, and almost didn’t come back. But, Richard’s sensible side prevailed, and he turned around. Two thousand dollars later, he was pretty happy with that decision.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the story is that Richard’s wife won $2,000 in a lottery a few weeks earlier. Now that’s teamwork!

Our first prize winner, Joanne Magee of Burlington, pictured here with member concierge Diana Mautino, wasn’t planning to redeem her game piece, though she has been a Hanscom FCU member since getting her first car loan 36 years ago. Then her daughter urged her to give it a try. So many people were walking out with great prizes – it had to be worth it!

So Joanne came in and saw the iBranch for the first time. She scanned her game piece, and up came the message: You won first prize! Joanne now has an iPad, just for walking in the door. Plus, she knows the staff and I’ll just bet the Burlington staff will remember her on her next visit, too.

Even though the contest is closed, there’s a lot waiting for you at our iBranch. Friendly, helpful staff, free coin counting, assistance in learning to use our online services, and, of course, an ATM that dispenses one, five, and twenty dollar bills. Stop by and see us!



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