Chairman's Corner: Reward Yourself Through Service to Others

Hanscom FCU Chairman


Volunteer work is an important part of my life. I’ve been serving on the Board of Hanscom Federal Credit Union since 1978, serving as Chairman since 1993.

I’ve met countless people, worked on numerous committees and participated in hundreds of community events. The memories are rich, and the service has been rewarding. I share this with you today with the hope that you will consider volunteering with me and our other volunteers for our not-for-profit financial cooperative credit union – and begin enjoying the rewards that come with volunteer service.

The work we do helps our 81,000 members. We join together to help our credit union make decisions that benefit us all. We also serve our community under the credit union motto of ‘people helping people,’ giving our time to veterans, children, the homeless, and others through community service.

Why do we do it? I asked many of my fellow credit union volunteers and some of the answers include:

  • To meet interesting people
  • To better understand the financial system
  • To guide the success of the credit union
  • To stay mentally and physically fit
  • To promote a socially worthwhile cause
  • To have a sense of purpose
  • To help others succeed financially
  • To give back to the community
  • To support a not-for-profit alternative to for-profit banking

To be part of this meaningful work, consider volunteering with our Member Advisory Group. This is a group of dedicated volunteers who share their leadership, knowledge, ideas and vision to benefit their fellow credit union members. They meet quarterly to provide insight and feedback on issues concerning Hanscom Federal Credit Union and the credit union movement. Membership in this group is often considered the first step in the credit union volunteer journey.

Contact us at 800-656-4328, ext. 2203 or email Cara Powers us at to start your volunteer journey with Hanscom Federal Credit Union.

I hope you will experience the joys of volunteering that I have been privileged to enjoy, and I look forward to volunteering along side of you in the near future.


Paul Marotta

Chairman of the Board

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