CU Thrive: The Automated Savings Program That Pays 5.00% APY*

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If you've ever wished there was an easier way to save for a down payment on a new car or build an emergency savings account and get a great rate of return on your money, you need to check out our automated savings program, CU Thrive. Right now, it's paying a rate that's really hard to beat. Here's how it works.

You choose an amount as little as $5 to as much as $500 to automatically transfer each month from your Hanscom FCU checking account into your CU Thrive account. On the anniversary date of the account opening, the full amount of your savings, along with your earnings, will be deposited into your primary savings account with us and your funds will be available the next day.

With a CU Thrive account, you're not able to deposit cash or checks, transfer funds online, by phone, or at a branch, or transfer from another member's checking or a checking account you own at another financial institution. All deposits must be automatic, and they can be set up so funds transfer once per month, twice per month (the 1st and the 15th), once every two weeks, or every week; however, the total deposit for the month can't exceed $500.

What if you need to adjust or stop your transfer? Not a problem. Just contact us by secure email, telephone, in writing, or stop by a branch and speak with a Member Services Representative. If you stop transfers, the money in your CU Thrive account will continue to earn a dividend. However, if you wish to withdraw the money you've saved before the maturity date (one year after account opening), there will be a penalty fee of 90 days dividend on the amount withdrawn.

Keep in mind there can be only one CU Thrive account per membership, but you can encourage your spouse, parents, children, and other family members to open their own CU Thrive accounts with their own memberships as long as they have checking accounts with us. You could even be a great buddy and spread the word among your friends!

Tracking your savings is easy: just log into Online Access HD, and you'll see your CU Thrive balance displayed on your accounts page.

So if you've got cash just sitting around earning peanuts, or you simply want to become a better saver in the new year, consider opening up a CU Thrive account with Hanscom Federal Credit Union today.

Let's get started!

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. No minimum balance requirements apply to this account. Rates for a CU Thrive Account are fixed for the full term (12 months) with a maximum contribution amount of $500 per month. You may schedule transfers up to $500.00 (minimum $5.00 ) each month from a Hanscom FCU checking account. This account will not automatically renew at maturity. There can only be one CU Thrive account open per membership. Please refer to the Disclosure for Personal Accounts for more information. Early withdrawal penalties may apply to certificates. Fees may reduce earnings and the principal amount may be reduced to cover the penalty. To get started click here, stop by any office or call our Remote Support Department at 800-656-4328.
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