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Our 3 Top 2015 Blogs Show an Interest in Retirement and Food

Posted by Maria Porto on Jan 26, 2016 8:26:56 AM

PR_Blogs_2015.jpgIn 2015, I published over 50 blogs on a variety of topics to benefit employees everywhere. My goal is to provide useful and current information on work and financial life – and to introduce you to the extraordinary tools available for companies that offer Hanscom FCU as an employee benefit. In looking over the past year’s top blogs, I kind of chuckled when I realized that food and retirement topped the list. I mean, what could be better than retiring with some good food?

Our top blog for the year was the free retirement planning checklist that I offered – no strings attached. The success of this blog hit a chord with me because of the success we find in teaching groups about planning for retirement. It is such an important financial plan to have in place, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to put in place. Yet, this is a source of stress for many of your employees. This checklist is a starting point in getting a conversation started, and I encourage you to share it with your team. I am so happy that so many of you took advantage of this free download.

My second most popular blog of the year was Eat This at Lunch and Boost Your Productivity. This blog includes an infographic showing the most powerful foods for energizing your work day. Not only will you find specific foods to include in your diet, but I include ideas on how you can create a work environment that encourages healthy eating.

The third most popular blog had a lot of folks talking and sharing. It was Office Kitchen Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts. Let’s face it, the office kitchen can be a bit overwhelming now that we are all responsible adults with no parents to clean up after us. This fun blog offers tips to share with your co-workers. I heard from one reader who told me he printed the list and posted it on the company refrigerator. How awesome! I hope you do the same.

As I line up our blogs for the coming year, I welcome your questions and ideas on financial and work topics that interest you and your co-workers. Our team of experts is ready to address your money management and employment questions. Leave a comment below or reach out to me personally at

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