Want to save big on a 2015 car? Here’s how.

Need some new wheels? December may be the best month to get a great deal. With the 2016 models rolling in, dealers are dishing out big discounts and incentives for new car sales in December.  According to reports, 2015 December discounts are strong — on average about $3,000 — because the competition among car dealers has been greater this year. 

If you plan to cruise around for new car sales, keep these factors in mind: 

Shop Different Dealers

Factory incentives are separate from dealer incentives. Dealers who struggled in 2015 to meet sales quotas are more likely to sweeten your new car deal. 

Save a Lot on a “Lot Car”

2015 models that are on the lot are under a lot more pressure to be sold, so if you are flexible on the color and/or features, you have an upper hand in negotiations. 

Do Your Research Online

Before you even step into a dealership, go online and learn all about the car you are interested in. Sites like nada.com will show you the invoice and MSRP price for not only the car, but all the options as well. 

To investigate local inventories, visit our extensive auto search website where you can find the make and model that interests you, the nearest dealer location, and price quotes. In addition, you can apply for your auto loan online. 

For haggle-free car-shopping, visit our partners at Enterprise. Browse current inventories of certified used cars, sell your car, and find special offers. 

Be Ready to Close the Deal

While you don’t want to be overanxious, if you do find a great deal, you need to be prepared to act on it. Being pre-approved for new car financing, for example, goes a long way in negotiating and closing on a cool car deal. 

Shop Later in December

End-of-year new car discounts drop like the temperature in December.

According to TrueCar.com, the average discount can vary up to one percentage point from December 10th vs. December 31st. The closer it gets to the end of year, the more dealers will be open to negotiating. 

Keep in mind that these deals are only the starting point for negotiation. See what dealer discounts are being offered on top of these manufacturer incentives. Start your car shopping today - right here!

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